Our Approach

An effective investment philosophy is derived from in-depth investment knowledge and a unique market perspective. Following the crowd is the surest way to disappointing results. We ignore hype and capitalize on opportunity.

Investing is an endeavor that is pursued by many, but perfected by none. The average investor is driven by media hype and the two most basic of human emotions, fear and greed. A true professional investor is an independent thinker who pursues information and truth without bias and never stops learning. Unfortunately, professional investors of this caliber are few and far between in the financial advisory industry. Our goal is to live up to these lofty expectations we have for ourselves.

We at KPP Financial are constantly in pursuit of investing opportunities through any means possible. Through years of market observations and study we have created an approach to managing client assets that combines disciplined fundamental analysis with a market perspective that understands and takes advantage of human psychology and emotional tendencies.

Deep knowledge of individual business, market sectors, asset classes and economic trends is the basis for anyone looking to be a qualified investment advisor. We pride ourselves in our intense focus to detail and powerful statistical analysis. This allows us to identify great companies and asset classes with attractive investment potential.

The most difficult task for the novice is to filter out the emotional aspects of investing. Even more challenging, is taking advantage of the mistakes others make due to emotional reactions. Both bull and bear markets create investing opportunities that only a seasoned pro can navigate effectively. Bull markets bring hype and greed, which entices the average investor, usually just when the waters are the most treacherous. Then the hated bear takes hold and ushers in a period of pessimism and fear, which causes investors to “throw the baby out with the bath water” just in time for the market to bottom. These ebbs and flows are a constant that will never change, because human nature never changes. There will always be fear and greed, but knowing how to handle these emotions in the context of investing is the true path to success.

We work every day to improve our knowledge and insight to the benefit of our clients and our own portfolios, which are invested right along our clients, which we call “parallel investing.”

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