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  • Nov. 15 2017

    Inflation Rising from the Ashes

    It might not be much of a rise but inflation clearly picked up for the month of October at the producer level. It rose a strong .4% matching last month’s when expectations were for a much … read more »

  • Nov. 10 2017

    Jobs and the Economy

    The jobless claims for unemployment benefits come out each week. Because of its frequency and its focus on those people losing jobs it is considered a good leading economic indicator. This week … read more »

  • Nov. 3 2017

    The Tax Proposal

    The House GOP released the blue print of their tax change proposal. First it is just a proposal and eventually if it gets passed it will not look like it does now. The Senate will make changes and … read more »

  • Oct. 25 2017

    September Durable Goods

    The monthly Durable Goods Report is an important gauge of the economy. Though it looks backward one month, thus not telling us very much about the future, it does show the current trend the economy … read more »

  • Oct. 20 2017

    30 Year Anniversary

    This week in 1987 the stock market fell hard in one day, 20% or more depending on the index you follow. The financial writers love to make comparisons and one of them is showing a chart of index … read more »

  • Oct. 18 2017

    A Cloud over Housing

    In September builders started fewer homes than the month before, which means the peak this year was in June, and since then housing starts have been falling.  September fell 4.7% from August. … read more »

  • Oct. 13 2017

    Why You Should Stay Away From IPOs

    First what is an IPO? It stands for initial public offering and it means a company is now listed to trade on one of the exchanges, New York or NASDAQ in the U.S. It is a common way that founders and … read more »

  • Oct. 11 2017

    Amazon Dominance

    Whenever Amazon, in recent times, embraces a new line of business, stock prices of companies in that line have fallen sharply as investors fear that they can’t compete. Recently when Amazon … read more »

  • Oct. 9 2017


    We have been in a low volatility stock market for months, and this unprecedented calm will not last, but what shape will higher volatility take? The VIX, which is a gauge of investor anxiety, has … read more »

  • Oct. 6 2017

    Mortgage Rates

    The FED has clearly indicated that they are going to continue to raise their overnight rate to banks, and begin in October selling some of the bonds and mortgages they carry on their balance sheet. … read more »