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  • Jul. 4 2017


    Every month the ISM (Institute of Supply Management) Report comes out. It is broken up into two parts one for manufacturing and one for non-manufacturing.  For the U.S., the non-manufacturing … read more »

  • Jun. 30 2017

    Central Banks

    All over the world we are hearing and seeing Central Banks begin the turn to tighten money supply. The ECB’s Mario Draghi this week first made some hawkish comments and then tried to retract … read more »

  • Jun. 23 2017

    Washington Politics and the Market

    It would be nice to only study the companies and determine their prospects without considering what is going on in Washington when it comes to investing but that is not possible. Just like when … read more »

  • Jun. 9 2017

    The EU Central Bank

    The ECB and Mario Draghi, as its head, met this week to decide on the future direction of money supply. They have been very accommodating with their bond buying program and extremely low interest … read more »

  • Jun. 7 2017

    Factory Orders

    After four months in a row of increasing factory orders, April’s fall of .2% is not a concern. However, it is always smart to watch inventories to see if what the companies are making are … read more »

  • May. 31 2017

    The Economy

    This week’s economic numbers being reported for April show a rebound in the weakness we had in the first quarter. The all-important consumer increased spending by a strong .4% and income rose … read more »

  • May. 26 2017


    Last week we reported on Housing starts for home which fell a little but rose for single family homes so the damage was in the multi-unit starts. This week two more reports on housing were released. … read more »

  • May. 19 2017


    There is no question that politics plays a major role in our economy and our stock market. Stocks go up when the economy is on a growth pattern and down in recessions. Disruptions of the perception … read more »