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  • Mar. 25 2017

    Home Sales

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    This week two reports were released on home sales. The Existing Home Sales Report came in as expected at 5.48 million, but new home sales spiked to 592,000 when expectations were for 571,000 and the … read more »

  • Mar. 17 2017


    The Leading Economic Indicators report comes out once a month and is comprised of 10 elements. February’s number came in at a high .6% increase and that is the highest reading in over a decade. … read more »

  • Mar. 14 2017


    Inflation is finally gaining a little traction as recent reports begin to hint at increases. From a wholesale level it is up 2.2% in the last 12 months. Wholesalers are not always able to pass along … read more »

  • Mar. 8 2017

    China’s Trade

    In February China had a trade deficit of $9.15 billion, the first time since 2014 and a rare occurrence. They imported much more than they exported. The surge in imports came after the Chinese New … read more »

  • Mar. 4 2017

    The Market Move

    The Dow has moved up 1,000 points in a little over a month, and the last time it moved that fast was in 1999 during the dot-com era. A 1,000 point move back then equaled 10% whereas today it equals 5% … read more »

  • Mar. 1 2017

    2016 GDP

    The second revision for the fourth quarter GDP in 2016 was released this week with no change at 1.9%. There will be one more revision but the third and final revision of each quarter’s number … read more »

  • Feb. 24 2017

    Rates are going up

    In the recent FED meeting the minutes were released and it is clear that they are going to raise interest rates as they used phrases like ‘fairly soon’ when discussing the increases. … read more »