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  • Sep. 25 2017

    Wealth Effect

    Recently it was reported that households net worth increased $1.7 trillion as of the second quarter of 2017 to $96.2 trillion, mostly on the back of stocks. Equities were responsible for $1.1 … read more »

  • Sep. 20 2017

    Consumer Spending

    This morning the Retail Sales report for August came out and it was disappointing, shrinking .2% after being up last month .3%. This was the second time in three months it has fallen. Removing autos … read more »

  • Sep. 20 2017

    Existing Home Sales

    In August the sales of existing homes fell by 1.7%. This was the fourth time in five months. It fell to 5.35 million homes, and though that sounds like a lot, it is the worst level in the last 12 … read more »

  • Aug. 25 2017

    Home Sales Report

    Both the new home sales report and the existing home sales report were strikingly weak for July. New home sales came in at 571,000 from 630,000 with expectations of 603,000. Existing home sales came … read more »

  • Aug. 4 2017

    Strong but What Direction

    Despite the stock market indexes hitting new highs, this week’s releases of economic data for June and July were not that impressive. Weak Personal Income, flat for June, and spending though up … read more »

  • Aug. 3 2017

    China Trade

    The Trump administration may soon turn up the heat on trade with China.  The target will be unfair trade practices as a result of often required transfers of intellectual information to China to … read more »

  • Aug. 3 2017

    Durable Goods Report

    One of the monthly economic reports released each month is the Durable Goods orders. Durable goods are those items that last more than 3 years so generally they are big ticket items. This month the … read more »

  • Jul. 26 2017

    The FED’s Plan

    They have stated clearly that they plan on raising interest rates and selling off some of their $4 trillion in bonds on their balance sheet this year. They have already increased the FED Funds Rate … read more »

  • Jul. 4 2017


    Every month the ISM (Institute of Supply Management) Report comes out. It is broken up into two parts one for manufacturing and one for non-manufacturing.  For the U.S., the non-manufacturing … read more »