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  • November 12  

    How to Prosper in a Year of Change: 2017

    Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley


    Here’s a 100% Certainty for 2017

    There WILL be change - Maybe radical change


    How to Prosper in a Year of Change:2017

    Saturday Morning 9AM to Noon November 12th - San Jose


    Join us for this important wealth conference and learn how to capitalize on economic and political shifts in the coming year. Investing is all about looking ahead.  We learn what we can from the past, but the question is always - how are we going to invest tomorrow?  2017 will present different circumstances - different risks and new opportunities. What will those changes be?


    We will:

    • Show you how global politics can disrupt markets

    • Help you understand the impact of shifting Central Bank Policy

    • Explain why you should transition from Growth to Value Investing.


    What matters to the investor, and how do you interpret these changes and respond?

    How will shifting Central Bank Policy impact your retirement portfolio in the coming year?  Will it leave you vulnerable?  We’ve all seen the impact of Fed efforts to manipulate the economy and market. The likelihood that Central Banks around the world will change directions in 2017 is growing more profound.

    In this coming year it will be more important than ever to understand the difference between Growth stocks and Value stocks.

    We believe it is time to make a transition away from growth stocks (which are becoming more overpriced) to value stocks that tend to trade at a lower price relative to their fundamentals. The combination of an eventual move away from rock bottom interest rates, and a continuation of anemic growth - we’ll show you why the wise will be moving from growth to value, and where to find the true values.

    By providing you with good information and proactive strategies, our goal is to help you manage risk and enhance your returns.

    Join us November 12th in San Jose for this timely Saturday Morning Wealth Conference.  Sign up by midnight November 5th and take $10 off the $45 ticket price.


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