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  • February 7  

    The Upside of Lower Oil Prices

    San Jose, CA

    Join us for this timely Wealth Conference. We'll look beyond the headlines to the real opportunities surfacing with the drop in oil prices. We will be covering:

    We'll examine world oil economies - OPEC vs US Oil Producers vs The World. How politics plays into this economic tug-of-war. The countries that will benefit and those that will suffer in a world of lower oil prices. 

    How the average investor can profit from collapsing oil prices - which sectors and industries will benefit and which will fall. We'll break down the industry components, focusing in on : shale, oil sands, and deep water operations.

    For those who are more hands-on investors; you'll see how to analyze the fundamentals and Technicals of companies and the industry.

    Want to save $10 on admission? Sign up by 1/24 and get the early bird savings!  Admission will be $35. Regular admission will be $45 if you sign up 1/25 or after.

    *Cost of Admission is PER PERSON and Breakfast and refreshments will be provided.

    **KPP Clients are FREE to attend, but we kindly ask that you email us ahead of time to ensure we reserve a seat for you.  Please contact Jason Von Sick with any questions or to reserve a seat - 

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