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  • The Upside of Lower Oil Prices

    Join us for this timely Webinar and Q&A with Steve Peasley and Justin Klein!

    We'll look beyond the headlines to the real opportunities surfacing with the drop in oil prices. We will be covering:

    We'll examine world oil economies - OPEC vs US Oil Producers vs The World. How politics plays into this economic tug-of-war. The countries that will benefit and those that will suffer in a world of lower oil prices. 

    How the average investor can profit from collapsing oil prices - which sectors and industries will benefit and which will fall. We'll break down the industry components, focusing in on : shale, oil sands, and deep water operations.

    For those who are more hands-on investors; you'll see how to analyze the fundamentals and Technicals of companies and the industry.


    March 19  



  • The Upside of Lower Oil Prices

    March 19  

    6:00 PM - 

    7:30 PM 

Meet with Steve Peasley

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  • La Jolla, CA

    March 11  

  • San Ramon, CA

    March 17  

  • San Jose, CA

    March 18  

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