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Market Commentary

  • Apr. 18 2014

    World Politics

    Tags: Russia

    It is obvious that Russia has designs on absorbing if not all of the Ukraine, at least the important parts. It is equally obvious that the rest of the world is going to do very little about it. The … read more »

  • Apr. 16 2014

    China Property Deflates

    Tags: China, Housing

    Property values are falling fast in China but do not expect a market bubble to burst as it would here in the U.S. Yes, it will deflate and looks to have more to go on the down side but there are … read more »

  • Apr. 9 2014

    Slowing World Growth

    Tags: IMF, GDP, Russia, Brazil, QE3, Fed

    Recently the IMF (International Monetary Fund) reduced its projections of world growth. For 2014 it is 3.6% and for 2015 it is 3.7%. The cause of their worry was slower growth in Russia and Brazil. & … read more »

  • Apr. 7 2014


    Tags: Pensions

    A recent BusinessWeek article about a rescue of a failed pension plan (Hostess Brands) brought to mind how many people are relying on pensions for their retirement. While bankruptcy of pension plans … read more »