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Market Commentary

  • Sep. 1 2014

    Black Swan Events

    In the investment world all the experts from economists to market pundits, from investors to money managers, everyone is analyzing the conditions of both the world and domestic economy and from that, … read more »

  • Aug. 29 2014

    A Mixed Bag

    Data on the consumer this morning was distressingly poor. Spending which has been falling ever since March now shrunk by .1% in July. That is the first actual shrinkage since the winter freeze in the … read more »

  • Aug. 27 2014

    A Slowing in Housing

    Tags: Housing

    Housing in the U.S. is starting to show some weakness and that could mean weakness in the coming quarters for the economy. New housing starts reported a week ago were up and builders were a little … read more »

  • Aug. 25 2014

    Supply and Demand

    Tags: Supply, Demand

    There is no getting around supply and demand of any product or service. For that matter supply and demand for stocks is no different. With IPOs or if a company issues more shares, supply of stocks … read more »