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Meet with Steve Peasley

Get a no cost expert opinion by exploring your retirement options.

  • San Jose, CA

    April 5  

  • Phone/Skype Calls

    April 6  

  • San Ramon, CA

    April 25  

Buying or Selling Real Estate

Talk with our Licensed Realtor Justin Klein about your options.

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Are you having trouble managing your 401K?

We have your solution! 

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  • Learning the Professional Approach to Accurate Research, Fact-Based Analysis and Winning Strategy

    Here’s your chance to peek under the hood of a Registered Investment Advisor firm. 

    • See How They Streamline Research
    • The Tools They Use for Success
    • See How They Devise Strategies for Various Situations

    Study how professionals develop investment research that matches current conditions

    Professionals guide clients by discussing goals and risks. At this workshop the Advisors at KPP Financial will show you:

    • How to Set Goals Appropriate for You
    • How to Assess Risk Levels and Risk Tolerance

    • How they Build Portfolios based on Defined Goals and Targeted Risk

    Learn how the professionals work with clients to set specific and realistic goals

    Learning about the tools and strategies the professionals use can give you insights on reducing risk and optimizing portfolio return. Whether you manage it yourself or team up with a professional, this workshop will help you plan your retirement strategy with confidence,

    Join us March 25th in San Jose for this timely Saturday Morning Wealth Conference.  Sign up by midnight March 18th and take $10 off the $45 ticket price.


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    March 25  

    Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley


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  • InvestTalk Wealth Webinar - Fundamental & Technical Analysis: Back to Basics

    April 26  

    6:30 PM - 

    7:30 PM