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  • Wealth Workshop

    We'll cover more practical money matters that impact everyone, but rest assured we'll still reserve plenty of time to cover the stock market. We will discuss various topics like:

    • Wills, Trusts, Life Insurance, 529 and Coverdell College Saving Plans
    • IRA, 401k, Brokerage Accounts, Annuities
    • Social Security, Retirement, Pension Income, Other Income
    • Riskalyze, the software that helps identify your risk tolerance
    • How to position Aggressive and Conservative portfolios

    Hope you can join us!

    November 12  



  • Wealth Workshop

    November 12  

    6:30 PM - 

    7:30 PM 

Meet with Steve Peasley

Get a no cost expert opinion by exploring your retirement options.

  • Dana Point, CA

    October 29  

  • San Ramon, CA

    November 19  

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Market Commentary

  • Oct. 31 2014

    Third Quarter GDP

    Tags: GDP

    This week the first look at the third quarter GDP number was released. It came in at 3.5% growth better than the expected 3% and not as good as last quarter of 4.6%. The new number will be revised in … read more »

  • Oct. 29 2014

    Durable Goods

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    One the best gauges of health for the manufacturing sector as it tracks large long lasting products such as machinery, cars and airplanes is the monthly Durable Goods Report. Though it looks … read more »

  • Oct. 27 2014

    China is Slowing

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    Just a few weeks ago data showed that China is now the largest economy of the world exceeding the U.S. in total GDP. Of course China has well over a billion people while the U.S. is less than 400 … read more »

  • Oct. 24 2014

    A Little Good News on the EU

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    In recent weeks and months there has been a stark lack of good news coming from Europe as most of the EU falls into recession. Russians actions appear to be taking a small bite out of the economic … read more »