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Many of our client's and listener’s are invested in their employer's 401(k) plan. In the past, it has been very difficult to provide timely information and suggestions for these types of accounts, because each one is unique.

We’re excited to say that Active401(k) changes that! We believe this new system can help meet a serious challenge for the average investor - how to make informed choices within the limits of their employer’s plan.

Here’s how it works - Active401(k) ranks your current 401(k) investment options within your employer’s specific plan, based on current trends and long term performance. Then it builds a portfolio that fits your personal risk tolerance, selected from the plan's available options. Each quarter you’ll receive a suggested allocation, listing Active401(k)'s recommended selections. All you do then is login to your retirement plan website to make the changes. It’s that simple, and you always stay in control.

Historical Success

We don't know where the market will go- no one does. BUT the stock and bond markets constantly display identifiable trends. We capitalize on those trends to provide you with consistent account growth. 

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In addition, all of our Active401(k) Subscribers will receive a subscription to our Weekly KPP Premium Newsletter for FREE (Normally a $9.99 per month) and a FREE digital copy of Steve Peasley’s book “Above Average Investing for the Average Investor!”

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