Mission Statement and History

KPP Financial Inc. believes in knowledge and demonstrable integrity. With many decades of money management experience we not only understand markets and their unique and often confusing characteristics but we also participate with our clients in buying the same investments at the same time and price in each of our programs. We manage our own money right alongside our clients, enjoying the same risks and rewards. It is our belief that an investment advisor should earn his clients' trust by exposing his own financial assets in the same way he does his clients'.

KPP Financial Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm founded in 1993 by Gerald Klein and Lyle Pavlis. They formed Klein Pavlis Financial, Inc. as a result of many years of working for large brokerage firms recognizing the inherent conflicts of interest in trying to serve both the individual investors and institutional clients. They wanted to put the individual investor first and foremost in all decisions. In order to ensure this commitment they decided that the principals of the company should commit to ‘Parallel Investing”, a concept where the client never takes more or less risk than those managing the company. This concept is strictly adhered to by Steve Peasley who joined the firm as equal partner when Lyle Pavlis suddenly passed away in 2000. Since then Steve Peasley has served as President and managing partner.

With a staff of highly dedicated and skilled professionals the company has grown since its founding, but retains the founder’s vision of a responsible common sense approach to managing money. The staff at KPP has been with the firm for many years and all have qualities and experiences that allow them to excel in their respective positions. This longevity with the firm provides consistency and quality of service. It is often remarked that the quality of a company reflects the quality of its employees. Our employees are not only highly intelligent, but also efficient.

KPP Financial’s founders instilled a sense of generational investing, with clients going back decades and now moving into their children helping grow their money to achieve a comfortable retirement. We will look forward to the next generation by helping to ensure their financial independence.

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